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13 March 2009

Dragonball Premiere Screening

Before i write anything else,
THANK YOU NUFFNANG for the tickets!

Went to the screening with...
Jeremy : Joanna : LiMin

Met up with...
Elvin : Joy : SuAnn : SuAnn's Bro

Jloi : GreenTeaBern : littlecicak : YennieDoll : Marcus

Pictures have their caption on it so..
I'm not sure what else can i spamm. Hahha.

So, let the pictures talk.

Screw Dragonball. Aaron FTW! =]

Jeremy :: Our noisy yet funny guy for the night. xD

I iz got teh' blue eye! =3
aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii like.

We went to fetch LiMin for 1U.

NO FUN. pffft.

Ahhh. Red Light = Camwhore!

Marcus :: Me
One of the funny and friendly guy! =]

Random Group photo. Lawl. =]

Some blog survey dude was wearing some thingy,
which some find it quite the lame lor.

:: EDIT ::
Okay Kelvin. Lol.
I've done the survey and its not LAME. Haha.
He's doing PhD in blogs or something like that...
So, its goood! =]


Malaysian Blog Survey: if picture not working, go to

We walked and walked and walked.. no car to be found. xD

Let Elvin find the car and let me get the camera out. xD

Do not underestimate my ride.
Watch DragonBall and you'll know why. Its not the size. =]

No Comment

Spotted? Okay. =)

Girls remain girls.
Check something out HERE =]

We have reasons to call him SuperKidnapper. xD

Same goes to her, LiMin.

Same goes to her.. AGAIN. =D

JJ. Lawl.

Why delete when we can edit? xD


so dont blame him

When we 1st heard that this movie was coming out, well...
most of us was excited about it and all.
Ahhhh. When i was there, i was expecting a good movie too.
EXPECT. Caz its Dragonball ftw? Turns out... Ugh.
This movie is as long as 89minutes.

Goku. Im quite sure highschool wasnt in the cartoons as well.
Lol. But.. Scenes in highschool was like so 'i-know-whats-gonna-happen'
kinda thing eventhos its quite entertaining.
Where he get bullied, liked a girl & blahh blahh blahh.
Spiderman have the same shit. Even The Forbidden Kingdom is the same. -.-''

Master Roshi. Blad this guy ffs. Let me wear some shades and hold a stick.
Before all that, PLANT him some janggut/beard.
English definitely improved. Lol. Loves young ladies. xD
He seems funny and he'sand okay character.
Not too bad. He looks more like a Muten Modern Roshi.

Bulma. She's a little funny. Not a hottie. Just a little pretty.
Somehow tried to make her look Japanese tho. Hmmmm.
What i liked was that bike. xD Thats some evolution.

Yamcha. Lol. That name had all of us giggling when we heard it.
Funny guy with attitude. Hahha. Minum Teh.

Gohan. Shit! I didnt know Gohan was a grandpa. =/
I always thought it was the son or something like that. Lol.
I really had no idea. So, which is which?
Is Gohan a grandpa or a son? o.O

:: EDIT ::
Alright. Totally explained by '5kywalker' and Jackie! =D

The Draongball looks nice. Damn. Wish i could get them in real life.

Effects in the movie is not too bad. The Ki was nicely done.
I would give 8/10 for effects. Looks good.
But for the scenes.... Its just that things happened to weirdly.
Some scenes was like suddenly this and that.

Piccolo was being a PIMP with a not-so-chick beside him.
He had a hottie as a his PA or whatever u call her.
And it seems Piccolo is missing some tentacles.
He supposed to have like 2 tiny ones at his forehead. Lol?
and also.. I think he went a little fairer.
He's not that green anymore.

Thats what a Piccolo should look like i guess.
Seriously, evolution. -.-''

Ahhhhhh. About the battle, i kinda hate it because
the battle was done within minutes.
I would rate.. WhatTheFish/10.
Thats like one of the major battle and its over
JUST LIKE THAT. I swear to God, even PowerPuff Girls
battles are much more exciting.

Goshhh. I was pretty disappointed towards the last battle.
IMO, that was like an end part and a summary of
what the movie is about..
battle. But it was lame. Looks like director wanted
to end the movie ASAP -.-''
It happened too fast and easy. EzPz Lemon Squeezy. =/

Haaaaa. Somehow girls in the movies,
tlike guys that get bullied in highschool/college.
They have these kinda scenes almost in every show...
Just that not all of them are FIGHTERs. Lol?


JamieChung as ChiChi in Dragonball Evolution.
Something we expect in movies? Hahha.

She like a 'Rawr' to most of us. Can i say ALL of us? Hahha.
Hearing comments about her after the movie.
Hearing comments about her CLEAVAGE! xD
One of the most worth watching part in Dragonball.

For this its worth watching. Lol.
Other than that, not really.

So, I would rate like 4/10.
Because. Of. Jamie. Chung.

P/S : I can get some videos from scene to scene is anyone wants.
Just leave a comment. Thanks.

:: EDIT(14th March 2009) ::
Ahhhh. I forgot to tell u guys! There is a short scene after the credits!
Hahha. Almost 3 quarter of the hall went off. LOL.
I was lucky to stay back and was unlucky because that scene as lame.

:: Quote of the Month ::
''Somethings are best left animated''
Aaron Lee


Jackie Loi said...

hahaha...powerpuff girl! XD..

anyway goku granpa named was Gohan..after goku get himself 1st son, he named him gohan as well as a memorable of his granpa

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

eh that guy is not lame okay. he is actually helping the bloggers. he is

He is doing a PhD in blogging. which will make us a good life! =) go to his blog and do the survey!

Mr Awesome said...

Jackie :: Hahhaa. Yeah. I know dy. xD
Someone in innit named '5kywalker' explained to me. =]

kelvin :: hahhahaha. okay okay. going going. xD

**bling bling** said...

was here either:)
big fan of jamie chung~sexayy :p

Mr Awesome said...

BlingBling :: Thanks.haha. and i can tell why your a fan . =]

julian said...

Hey thanks for doing the survey and for the link :)

I just wanted to attract attention with the 'thought bubble', which I guess it did but maybe not always in a good way :/

Thanks Kelvin/wEtwEtwAtEr :) Dunno about making a good life for bloggers, but I'd like more people to understand what blogging's all about!

Peace :)

Mr Awesome said...

Julian :: No problem! =]
Yeah. After understanding it, it was a pretty good idea because people were like.. 'Eh. Whats that?' Hahha.
Good job tho. Nice survey and nice site! =]

julian said...

No worries, thanks again for doing the survey :)

Mr Awesome said...

Sure. Your most welcome. =]